Tara Abbamondi (@Tarabba on twitter) stops by to talk about her Kickstarter projects Roots! It's going to be a journal/comic of her trip to Ireland. She promised me a ton of maps and drawings of pubs!!! Go check it out at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1825212997/roots-a-comic-travelogue?ref=nav_search 49f0f0e28b82b7e0fae7b299ac9ac6a4_large



We're proud members of the Earth 2 podcast network now and are kicking it off right!!! The legendary Kevin Joseph (@bnokj on twitter) stops by to talk about his Kickstarter for Tart and some how ropes Jason into pledging $4000!!! There's an added Game Of Thrones talk at the end as well. As always...enjoy!


Check out the Kickstarter on the link below!!!